-I-: a study (by “law teacher”) the history of the work on the definition of aggression after Second World War in the UN and the study of the definition of aggression agreed by the UN on 1974
-II- The definition of aggression agreed by the UN on 1974
Please also find, separately, the resolution proposed by USSR to the UN on 20 December 1952.
1974 definition was agreed by all states in the UN, including the USSR and all the “socialist” states which were all ruled by Titoite (Trotskyite) enemies of the people and nations as well as those so called “none-aligned” states. It is clear that this agreed definition provides no defence against aggression but all sorts of excuse for all sorts of aggression. This definition of aggression provides ground for aggression in the name of opposition to aggression. This is an absolute and utter betrayal of all nations and of all peoples of the world by all members of the UN!
Stalin noted that UN was betraying its charter. That it became a tool of USA for aggression against all others. That all states in the UN other than USSR and people’s democracies were servants of the USA imperialism and its war purposes.
This 1974 agreement of the definition of aggression by all in the UN is a proof of the fact that USSR and peoples democracies have joined the ranks of the enemies of the people by 1974 and the UN has become a totally reactionary and degenerate organisation able to do nothing but undermine its charter to benefit the USA!
All countries and all nations are now under the iron heal of USA and its war mongering and war making servants, they are open to all forms of aggression without any impunity!
Now we have a UN and it is not just USA that want to undermine its charter. Now we have a world all are fighting one another and USA is threatening the whole world with destruction. Now we have no motherland in the form of USSR and people’s democracies-we lost them since 1953, and we certainly lost them in 1974 as can be seen from this definition of aggression agreed at the UN in 1974!
As regards not having a motherland, as regards not having a base country that supports us all, we are back to the conditions before the First World War. But we have the experience of building and having built socialism. We have the experience of beginning to build communism (in the USSR). We have the experience of destroying the Nazi barbarity militarily. We have the experience of having the best intelligence organisation to achieve this. We have the experience of all oppressed nations joining our ranks to achieve liberation with us. We have the experience dof all nations setting on a course that can only lead to communism. And last but not least, we have the experience of betrayal by Titoites (Trotskyites) in all our states and in all our parties, their victory and our defeat in all our states and in all our parties.
Furthermore, we have forced the hands of the bourgeoisie and the feudals so much so that there is nothing democratic and national left in these “rulers” of the world. They are all enemies of democracy they are all enemies of nations, they are all betrayers of their nations and their countries! We have been surrounded from all sides, from the left, from the right and from the middle! From outside and right from within. We have been defeated by these enemies of democracy and enemies of nations and enemies of peace, by these bringers of misery and death! But we have our experience and our ideology that has been strengthened thanks to all these developments. And we have micro-chips which is calling for communism in the midst of all this misery and death.
In our defeats we are right now undefeatable!
All nations and all countries, all peoples, all of humanity, all those who love democracy, peace and want to provide plenty for themselves and for their fellow humans have an aim to achieve as told by the micro-chips and thus by the communists. That aim is the only aim available to all: destroy the war makers, destroy the misery builders and mass murderers establish communism, establish common ownership, use the microchips, automate all production and distribution, achieve plenty for all humanity and achieve direct democracy using the internet.
Only by working to achieve this one aim can all nations and peoples and can all countries also achieve the defeat of all aggressors! There is no fighting the aggressor, there is no defeating the aggressor other than through achieving the one aim, one common aim of humanity!
All fights must be fought for communism. All roads must lead to the victory of communism! To common ownership, to plenty and direct democracy using the micro-chips and peace for all nations!